Depending on the shape of your teeth and the design of the grillz, your grillz will either clip onto your teeth or you will need to use a denture adhesive such as poligrip.  


1) Before wearing your grillz, make sure your teeth, your hands, and your grillz are clean. Wash your grillz with soapy water and a soft tooth brush.  


2) Gently glide your grillz over your teeth until your teeth feel fully inserted. Your teeth should rest comfortably inside the grillz without forcing. Your grillz should not move or fall off while talking, and you should not be experiencing any pain or discomfort.  


3) If your grillz glides on comfortably but does not stay in place, you may use a denture adhesive such as poligrip. Read manufacturers guideline for usage. You only need a tiny drop.  


4) Give yourself some time to get used to the sensation of wearing a grillz. It will feel weird at first but you should quickly get used to it. 


5) If you experience discomfort or pain, stop wearing your grillz immediately. Consult a grillz maker additional help. It is possible to book an appointment with us over video-call, or in person at our Montreal studio.  


6) Take special care of your grillz. Read our grillz aftercare page carefully. Do not eat, drink, smoke, or do physical activities while wearing your grillz and always store them in a safe place.  

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