Here our general recommendations on how to care for your grillz. Note that these recommendations may vary depending on the type of grillz and the materials used. 


1) Clean daily after wear: After each wear, gently remove your grillz and wash with a soft tooth brush and mild soap to remove any dirt. Leave to dry on a clean towel and store in a dry cool area.  


2) Deep clean once a week: If you wear your grillz every day, take the time to do a deep cleaning once a week. Place your grillz in a 1:1 solution mix of water and white vinegar and leave it overnight. Denture cleaning products work as well. Rince and clean off solution with a soft tooth brush and toothpaste.  


*Avoid using harsh chemical cleaning products such as peroxide, rubbing alcohol, bleach, ammonia, or other household cleaning products. Not only can these deteriorate your grillz but they can be harmful to your health. 


3) Always remove your grillz before sleeping, eating, smoking, drinking, or doing any physical activity. Not doing so presents a risk for injury or accidental swallowing. 


4) Always store your grillz in a safe, clean, and dry area. Do not leave them loose in your pocket. Place them in a small container when you're on the go. Or leave them on your teeth mold when you're at home.  


5) Maintain proper mouth hygiene by regularly visiting your dentist for checkups and cleanings. 


6) Replacement if necessary. If your grillz is damaged, warped or shows signs of wear, consider having it replaced with a new grillz. 

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