Coming Age offers custom jewelry services ranging from crafting original designs, to repairs and transformations. All jewelry work is done in collaboration with Montreal expert technicians to ensure outstanding quality. 


If you have a custom jewellery project in mind, please get in touch with us to discuss your idea and to receive a quote. Ways to get in touch: 


Please include as many details about the project as possible. Include: 

    • Your name and location 
    • A description of what you want 
    • The materials you want: type of metal, gemstones, etc 
    • Budget 
    • Desired timeframe 
    • Please let us know if the project involves repurposed heirloom jewellery 



    • Wholesale or custom corporate orders 
    • Repairs 
    • Cleaning, polishing, replating, refurbishing 
    • Resizing 
    • Gemstone replacement or recut 
    • Transformation old-to-new 
    • Recycling of heirloom jewellery 
    • Appraisals 
    • We buy your gold for cash 



    • Artist collaborations 
    • Props 
    • Jewellery styling 
    • Jewellery sourcing 
    • Design and crafting of objects involving a wide range of materials including: 

    ⏤ Precious metals (silver, gold, platinum, rhodium) 
    ⏤ Other metals (bronze, brass, stainless steel, pewter, steel) 
    ⏤ Plastics (polymers, acrylics, plexi) 
    ⏤ Glass 
    ⏤ Wood 

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