Collection: DAWN

Coming Age’s first collection DAWN marks the first chapter of the brand’s journey. This new sun that rises illuminates a sector of a lesser-known sky and presents us with an assortment of incomprehensible shapes and textures fetched from familiar and distant places. Deformed Keshi pearls and abstract organisms cast in sterling silver are suspended on hand-made industrial chains like debris on a satellite, or creatures dangling from a fisherman’s net. The strong contrast of organic shapes and structural elements result in timeless pieces that possess the unique character of being visionary. 

All chains from the DAWN collection are entirely made by hand. From raw silver ingot to chain, each link is made from silver wire and assembled with solder in our Montreal studio. 

Coming Age honors their commitment to sustainability by ensuring all materials are ethically sourced. All silver pieces are made of at least 50% recycled silver. Made-to-order. Ships within 14 business days. Available in gold upon request.